The purpose of this site is to present some of the genealogical work that I have been doing for the past thirty years.

In 1991, my wife was expecting our son, and our doctor asked us for the history of our parents and grandparents. This was the start of information gathering. At first the family, then cemeteries, churches and quickly I moved on to libraries, genealogical societies and finally the internet which was growing more and more.

At the beginning the line of my son until François, the first Gariépy to arrive in Canada. Then the lines of both parents, plus the 4 grandparents and finally the complete fan-shaped genealogy of my son Kévin.

The fun could not stop, I decided to include all Gariépy in my database. As an interlude, some other knowledge was added to it. Then finally, thanks to the internet Canada's borders fell and I added lineages that go so far that one day I was afraid to learn that Caligula could be one of my ancestors.

I want to thank La Société de généalogie de Longueuil who helped me a lot in my beginnings and for which I was treasurer; René Jetté, Ph.D.. that I knew at the time and who is the author of « Dictionnaire généalogique du Québec », my bible; my friend Pierre Desmarais, programmer, who allowed me to create this site; and finally my wife, Agnès de Roussan and my son Kévin Gariépy de Roussan who accepted all this time spent on my computer.

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Robert Gariépy
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